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Fertility And Women’s Health

Acupuncture is the insertion of ultra-thin, sterile needles into specific acupuncture points on the body which reside on channels or meridians. These points, when needled, can regulate the way in which the body functions.

Diet, environment, and lifestyle have tremendous impacts on the body. Women frequently experience moodiness, cravings, and cramping every 28 days or so.

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Menopause has become a dreaded thing, with night sweats, hot flashes, and hormonal imbalances. Women’s health issues are common enough in the US that they have become ‘normal’, but the severity of them is not natural.

Women’s health is one of our specialties at All About Health Medical, PLLC. The use of acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural ability to regulate estrogen, improve blood flow, and achieve better balance.

We also have a high success rate for treating infertility. For women who are already pregnant, acupuncture helps reduce nausea and relieve other physical discomfort related to pregnancy. It can even stimulate contractions for women past their due date.

Acupuncture, frequently combined with herbal medicine, has been used for centuries to treat causes of infertility.

Several studies have found that women who get acupuncture treatments — whether to treat conditions that can interfere with getting pregnant (such as polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS) or to increase the chances of a successful IVF — have a higher rate of pregnancy and births. Some fertility doctors recommend acupuncture for their patients to help lower overall stress levels, because stress hormones can lower fertility hormones like progesterone.

Acupuncture can begin at anytime during the fertility treatment — before you start taking any oral or injectable drugs to help “prep” your body; during drug treatment to help deal with side effects (nausea, moodiness, fatigue); or during IVF cycles.

*Doing acupuncture before trying drugs or IVF might help you avoid those treatments altogether

Acupuncture is able to increase the chances of pregnancy through natural conception, IVF, IUI because it has been clinically shown to:

  • Regulate and stabilize hormone levels
  • Help produce more follicles
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries
  • Thicken the endometrial lining
  • Reduce the chance of miscarriage
  • Strengthen the immune system and promote overall health of the body
  • Reduce stress
  • Facilitate relaxation
  • Improve the quality of sleep

"Trying to conceive? See Dr. Rick Clifford! We tried for 9 months, watching calendars & doing everything “they say” to conceive. I was having regular periods, with no issues. Dr. Rick suggested a few months of Acupuncture. After 2 Acupuncture treatments just 2 weeks apart, we conceived a healthy baby girl! Three years later (at 37 yrs old), I decided to try Acupuncture before trying to conceive in hopes to prevent any delays due to my age. Again, 2 treatments 2 weeks apart, and we conceived our first month trying! Even if you are scared of needles like me, I promise Acupuncture is not like getting a shot or blood drawn. You can barely feel the tiny needles & Dr. Rick is quick & precise. Please consider Acupuncture before fertility drugs or costly treatments- it’s easier on your body & your wallet!"

– L. Madewell

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year when we were given the heartbreaking news: natural conception was most likely unachievable. I called Dr Clifford in tears, only to be reassured with these words, “We have enough faith at this office for you!” With that, he began fertility acupuncture, a drug-free procedure, and less than 4 months later, we conceived our first child! Our healthy little boy is now 4 months old, and I was able to carry him to full term and had a successful natural labor and delivery. Thanks, Dr Clifford and All About Health Medical, PLLC!"

– N.D. June 2015


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